Nunessa is a tall woman (Appearing to be in her mid 20s) usually with a sadistic smirk of arrogance. Sometimes her nails are black sometimes they're pinkish. She has pretty good hips. Her original design was created by me. She is the tallest of all Dollhouse members.

>Nunessa's canon design is drawn by Nue Hakase however her physical streaming form is primarily 3D with a LIVE2D variant model.>Height wise she is the tallest of all the Dollhouse, maybe rivaling Lanora.>Nunessa, like Synth, is a bisexual character that prefers women more then men.>Her design inspirations are Houkago Play and a custom Monster High doll that had orange and blue pigtails.

2D Mode: Iga_Happiness⭐ Original design: Me

2D ref sheet by Nue Hakase ⭐ Original design: Me

3D model: AcidicDoll ⭐ Outfits: Me

3D model: AcidicDoll ⭐ Outfits: Me ⭐Swimsuit top: NueHakase

Initial concept sheet: Me

Alt outfit & design of: NueHakase_